Storage Options

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6 X 6 Storage Units

The 6m x 6m storage unit that we offer is the largest of the four storage units that they have on offer. This storage unit is ideal for all those items that are just too large to keep housed at your home whether it’s a small boat, a bakkie, car storage or other items that you actually don’t need on hand all the time like industrial and agricultural equipment, steel drums, large fluid containers and other items that are just too large.


6 X 3 Storage Units

The 6m x 3m storage unit from Stor-a-Way is ideal if you need to house jet skis, furniture storage, motorbikes, bulk items as well as office equipment. These items can often take up space in the home and in the garage and create the clutter that you don’t need. Also you may have these items but rarely use them but do not want to get rid of them completely.


1.5 X 6 Storage Units

The 1.5m x 6m storage unit is a smaller unit but is long in length which makes it suitable for bedroom storage, bookshelves, filing cabinets, tables, trailers and even motorbikes. This is because of the length of the unit and items that are not too bulky will fit in this storage unit perfectly.


3 X 3 Storage Units

he 3m x 3m square unit is also suitable for those that are moving house and need a place for all those extra things that they do have room for.