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What our storage units offer you.

Putting your belongings into storage is never easy. You’ve got to pack them up, move them, and then unpack them again into storage units. And then once you’ve packed them away, they are no longer under your care. So this is what our storage units at our facility will offer you peace of mind.

The most important thing about having your goods stored on our premises is that they will be safe and secure. You get your own lock for your container and you get to keep the key. When you’re not there we have a security company watching over our storage units with CCTV, and Tactical Response units patrolling our premises 4 times a day.

The units are also kept dry and clean, so you won’t have to worry about your goods being damaged while they’re in storage with us.

After safety, the next thing to consider would be the cost of having your belongings stored. Our prices were set with the customer in mind. After a quote from us, you’ll see that for what we offer at Stor-A-Way that price won’t be beaten. With 4 different sizes of storage units on offer we are very flexible when it comes to storing your goods.

Click order to have a look at the 4 different sized units we have on offe.:

The 3m x 3m square unit is also suitable for those that are moving house and need a place for all those extra things that they do have room for.

There is a general misconception that to store such household items can be expensive however this is actually not true especially with Stor-a-Way as they are affordable and can also be counted as the best priced storage units in Johannesburg. Also you are able to get a quote for their 3m x 3m storage unit very simply and also quickly. You will just need to fill out the online form to get the quote.

Also if you are planning to store some of your household items then you need to know that they will be secure in the storage unit. The Honeydew Stor-a-Way storage units have CCTV so that you can be rest assured that your items will be safe and secure. Also you will be the one that has the only key to the storage unit which ensures that you are the only one that is allowed to access the facility.

As there is this security on the premises you may want to use the storage unit to lock away household items that arte dear to you when you go on holiday. The storage unit site may have more security then your home and also there patrols on the site to monitor all the units so they are safe.

If you are moving house and you need a place to store items whilst you are moving then Stor-a-Way 3m x 3m storage unit may be ideal for this. Also they are partnered with a removals company which allows your household items that you need to have stored picked up and delivered to the storage units.

Another great reason to house your items in a 3m x 3m storage unit is so that the property you are storing does not get damaged by bad weather. The storage units are completely sealed from the rain and other elements so your items will not be affected nor shall they degrade. Items that are kept in a garage can often get damaged whereas in a storage unit they shall be safe.

Stor-a-Way in Johannesburg has the 4 sized units for all your storage needs. If you are not sure which one is the best for you and your items then Stor-a-Way will be able to help you. They will advise you which of their units is the best for your items as well as the size of unit that you require for these items. They will also then quote you fir the unit.

The 3m x 3m is often the best for items that you have in your home or even office that you do not have space for anymore and need somewhere safe to keep them.

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