6 X 6 Units

6m x 6m Storage Unit

If you have large objects around your home that are taking up space, blocking your garage or just creating unnecessary obstacles then you can look at the 6m x 6m storage unit that is offered by Honeydew Stor-a-Way.

The 6m x 6m storage unit that they offer is the largest of their four storage units that they have on offer. This storage unit is ideal for all those items that are just too large to keep housed at your home whether it’s a small boat, a bakkie, car storage or other items that you actually don’t need on hand all the time like industrial and agricultural equipment, steel drums, large fluid containers and other items that are just too large.

When you choose to store these items in one of Honeydew Stor-a-Way’s storage units they are kept out of your sight and also out of your hair. However just because you have stored it doesn’t mean that you are unable to access them as of when you need to.

Honeydew Stor-a-Way will give you the key to your storage unit. This means that you lock your own storage unit and you are able to access it of your own accord. This makes the unit yours for one and also flexible to suit you. You will not have to gain access to your storage unit by asking the permission of who is on guard.

As you have the key and if you need the large equipment that you have stored in the 6m x 6m storage unit then you may visit the unit during business hours. You become in charge of your own unit.

When it comes to the protection of your goods and as you have chosen the largest of the units which means that the unit will house large and expensive items you will want to ensure that they are safe at all times.

Honeydew Stor-a-Way is able to give you just that, the peace of mind that your large items are all safe. You are as mentioned the only one that has access to your storage unit and also there is added security.

The onsite security that Honeydew offer will put you at ease as there is CCTV that monitors the site from 6pm to 6am as well as four tactical patrols throughout the day.

Stor-a-Way is located in Johannesburg which makes it accessible to most and they are also the most cost effective when it comes to you renting a 6m x 6m storage unit. The size of the unit may make you think that it is not affordable especially because of all the added benefits you receive when you choose to rent with Store-a-way, but this is actually a misconception.

Stor-away is actually one of the most affordable storage unit companies and are more then happy to give you a quote for the 6m x6m storage unit. They can also advise if this unit is the right one for you based on the goods that you wishing to store.

Store all that bulky and space consuming items in the 6m x 6m unit from Honeydew Stor-a-Way.