6 X 3 Units

6m x 3m Storage Unit

If the 6m x 6m Stor-a-Way unit is slightly on the large side for your items but you still need an adequate space to store your items then Honeydew Stor-a-Way has the 6m x 3m storage unit on offer to you. This is smaller than the 6m x 6m but still is able to house items that are on the larger side.

The 6m x 3m storage unit from Stor-a-Way is ideal if you need to house jet skis, furniture storage, motorbikes, bulk items as well as office equipment. These items can often take up space in the home and in the garage and create the clutter that you don’t need. Also you may have these items but rarely use them but do not want to get rid of them completely.

This is then a great reason to use the 6m x 3m storage unit from Stor-a-Way because you are able to keep these items but not at the expense of your home.

If you think that storing items can be costly then you should think again. Stor-a-Way offers you the highest security and also the most affordable storing rates in Johannesburg.

The storage units as well as the storage site are monitored with CCTV camera to ensure that your goods that are housed in the units are always safe and secure. There are also patrols during the day to give you that added security.

Also when you use Stor-a-Way you are given the key to your storage unit meaning that you are the only one that has access to it. You are responsible for the locking of your unit and then keeping the key in a safe place for when you need to go and get something out of your unit.

It is not an easy task top move items from your home to the storage units especially when they are large items as you may not have the facilities to transport them yourself.

Stor-a-Way are partnered however with a local moving company, which means that if you are unable to move the items yourself then you will be able to use the moving company to get your items to the storage facility. Your items will be transport securely and safely and also make the trip to the storage units with your items completely hassle free.

The 6m x 3m storage unit is then adequate enough in size to move and store larger items that are taking up space in your home. You are then able to free up space in your home and store those large items that you may not use as frequently. You can access your items yourself as you will have the key and this can only be done during the business hours.

There are often those large items that we do not actually have space for but we may use once again in the future this makes the 6m x 3m storage unit ideal for you. You can contact Stor-a-Way for your affordable quote on this size of storage unit.