1.5 X 6 Units

1.5m x 3m Storage Unit

If you have things that need a longer space to store things instead of a wide storage unit then the 1.5m x 6m unit is the right unit for you from Stor-a-Way.

The 1.5m x 6m storage unit is a smaller unit but is long in length which makes it suitable for bedroom storage, bookshelves, filing cabinets, tables, trailers and even motorbikes. This is because of the length of the unit and items that are not too bulky will fit in this storage unit perfectly.

There are many reasons why people may use a storage unit to house their belongings and the most notable reason for having a storage unit is to clear to some of the clutter that may have built up in your home. It maybe that these items do not have any use at the moment but you are not ready to give them up altogether meaning that the best place to put them is not in your home but rather safely in a storage unit.

The items that you need to store are placed in a secure location. Many storage unit companies are highly secure and Honeydew Stor-a-Way is no different. The storage units and the space are protected by CCTV monitors and there is at least four patrols around the space each day to ensure that the entire place is secure and so is your stuff. Also Stor-a-Way gives you the key to your storage unit meaning that you are the only one that is able to access it.

Storage units are also not as expensive as many people think they are and it will depend on the size of the unit that you require and also the items that you will be storing. You are able to access a quote from Stor-a-Way for the 1.5m x 6m storage unit directly from their website. They are also the most affordable storage unit companies in Johannesburg.

If the area that you live in is susceptible to bad weather this can damage some of your items especially if you have to keep them outside because you do not have the space inside your home. The durability of a storage unit can then be ideal for these items this is true of items like furniture. The storage units are dry and the temperature inside a unit rarely changes which means your items stay in perfect condition and also will stay secure.

Also by renting a storage unit you can actually improve your attitude this is because the space that you live in stops annoying you because you now have the space to move around your home with more ease.

The 1.5m x 6m storage unit from Honeydew Stor-a-Way is then able to help in cleaning out the items that are in your home that pose as awkward because of their length. Have your items be secure and also maintain your property in units that provide your items safety from the rain and other damaging weather conditions.